Thank you for using the AskWhai Product Recommendation Quiz! Let’s help you get started.

Interacting With the App

01 - Welcome Screen.png

When you open the AskWhai Product Recommendation Quiz app for the first time, you will be asked to create the first quiz question your customers will see when they interact with the finished quiz. You have full control over when the quiz is published on your site, so you don’t have to worry about anybody seeing an incomplete quiz while you build it.

Creating Your First Question

02 - Root Question Creation.png
03 - Root Question Filled.png

A quiz question can have a maximum of three options. These options can lead directly to recommended products, or you can configure a series of questions to get to know your customers more deeply before recommending products to them. In addition to the text of each option, you can also upload photos to represent them.

04 - Quiz Initialization.png

Once you finish your first question, just hit “Submit” and you’ll be brought to the main quiz editor. Here, you’ll see that the quiz is automatically unpublished until recommendations have been added.

Adding More Quiz Content

04 - Product Recommendation Dialog.png
05 - Create Nested Question.png

If you wish to immediately add product recommendations as a result of your first question, click the “Add Products” button to the right of each option. This will bring you to an easy search of your shop’s product catalog, where you can choose to recommend products that correspond to that question option (or even specific variants of products). In the current version of the Product Recommendation Quiz, you can recommend up to three products per option.

You can also add nested questions beneath each of your question options, creating multi-question paths for customers. This is a great way to create recommendation paths that meet the specific needs of your different customer groups. Clicking the “Add Question” button next to a question option will bring you to the creation dialog for a nested question under that option.

You can configure different parts of the quiz in different ways. One answer to your first question might lead directly to recommended products, but another answer might lead to a series of five questions before any recommendations are made. It’s entirely up to you!

Publishing Your Quiz

06 - Ready to Publish.png

When you’ve added recommended products to every possible path in your quiz, the editor will allow you to use the Publish button. When you’re ready for customers to see your quiz, simply click that button!

Publishing the quiz will cause it to show up on your site in the following situations by default:

  • When a customer has been on your shop’s homepage for 30 seconds or more

  • When a customer reaches the bottom of your homepage

  • When a customer’s mouse moves outside the page, toward their browser’s address bar

We have found that this set of behaviors is attention-grabbing for users who otherwise might not know where they want to go on a shop’s website. Importantly, it’s minimal enough to not be overwhelming for the customer experience. If a customer explicitly closes the quiz, they won’t see it again during their time browsing the shop. Many stores already have plenty of interactive popups and tools, and our strategy is to make the quiz available to customers at crucial moments when it can make the biggest difference in their purchase journey.

We know that every shop is different, so we’re currently working on customization settings that will allow shops to determine exactly where and when the quiz shows on their website. Stay tuned for a future update!

08 - Quiz Widget on Site.png
10 - Collapsed Bar.png
09 - Product Recommendations.png

The quiz itself appears as a widget at the bottom of your shop’s homepage. It initially appears small when asking questions, and expands to a larger size when recommendations are provided. The recommendations show customers information about product prices, allow them to browse the image galleries for the products without leaving the homepage, and even provide an add-to-cart button for customers who want to make a purchase decision right away.

We want to make sure that the AskWhai Product Recommendation Quiz doesn’t get in the way of other parts of your site, so the quiz automatically collapses into a small bar at the bottom of the screen if a customer moves their mouse away from it and interacts with other parts of the webpage. Customers can get back to their recommendations at any time by clicking on the collapsed bar.