Our Methodology

AskWhai isn’t a typical AI company. Unlike project-based consultancies, our work is based on a universal analytical platform that improves as it evolves. And unlike other AI platforms, we don’t hide our work behind a shroud of secrecy. Our customers trust the AskWhai Engine to make effective recommendations for their businesses because we make sure that everybody can understand what’s going on under the hood, rather than hiding the details.

Here are the typical steps that the AskWhai Engine takes to transform data into knowledge:



Our customers use countless systems to manage their businesses, and each of those systems creates data. The AskWhai Engine is built to naturally process information from cash registers, from social media pages, and from all of the other systems you might use to run your business.

We can organize all of that data into a single universal form, a powerful way of representing your business for AI tools to understand.


Once your business’s systems are connected to the AskWhai Engine, we can discover insights that are impossible to detect by human inspection alone.

The AskWhai Engine can tell you which first-time purchasers are most likely to turn into long-time patrons, can discover meaning behind unusual events (like a sudden uptick in sales), and can identify successful areas of focus for advertising and customer outreach, among many other features.


The AskWhai Engine is tuned to the needs and the market of your business, seeking patterns that make sense to you and making recommendations that you can act on.

The second you start using the AskWhai Engine, it starts improving itself based on new data coming in from your business. As your sales change, as your customers change, and as the systems you use change, the AskWhai Engine adapts to always deliver useful insights.