let’s throw away the black box.

Small business owners are overwhelmed with systems and data, but struggle to separate important and actionable information from the ever-growing noise. Online advertising giants (the gatekeepers of the new economy) present their user-friendly ad-buying processes as the ultimate solution to a business's challenges without having a holistic view of those challenges, and those gatekeepers routinely engage in mass-scale data collection that consumers consider to be unethical. We believe there’s a better way to guide small businesses to sustainability, without relying on digital surveillance of their customers.

AskWhai is a Chicago-based startup with the goal of democratizing AI and data science for small businesses in order to guide business owners through every stage of growth and success. In order to achieve this mission, our tools must:

  • Work with small (and big) data

  • Be explainable in human terms

  • Cost 1/100th as much as comparable current AI technologies

Read more about the way we do things in the AskWhai Manifesto.